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Get personalized autographs

Get autographed videos, photos or signatures dedicated exclusively to you.
Each autograph is embedded with an authentication number, which means that your autograph is truly unique.

Share it with all your contacts!
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your idols

Search them by categories: music, cinema and TV, sports...
Find out all their hot news in their profiles: their Super-fans, when and where they’ve signed autographs, their events...
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Be the first to know the latest news

Stay up-to-date on your celebrities' hot news:
Where will be their next match?
What will be the name of their next album?
When will their next film be relased?
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Join and
attend all their events

Keep updated about the place and the time of the signing event.
You have to join an event and achieve merits before and during the event to get an autograph from your idol.
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Keep your
autographs in an album

Store all your dedicated and signed photos and videos.
A really easy, fast way to see all your autographs again and to share them whenever you feel like.
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Show off about being
a Super-fan

Gain points in your idols’ rankings
Show them how much you like them by reaching the top of their ranking. Find the answer to all your SuperFan questions
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You’ll be a

If you’re a celebrity, download the app and enjoy it with your fans
Fanstastic is also designed for celebrities. In fact, you’re an essential part of it. Find out all the benefits that Fanstastic brings you. Find the answer to all your celebrity questions.
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We’d love to hear any of your suggestions or ideas
to help us improve Fanstastic.
If there’s anything you’d like to tell us, fill in this form with all your personal
information and leave us a message. ¡Thanks a lot!

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