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Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett and all that jazz.

Lady Gaga, probably the greatest all-round artist nowadays, has released a preview of her new album with the legendary singer Tony Bennett. This is not…

15 September, 2014

The 5 most expensive video clips ever

Time has gone by since MTV first broadcasted a video clip on the 1st of August, 1981. To be honest, music videos have greatly improved…

15 September, 2014

The 75th anniversary of an Oscar-winning song

Who’s never sung out loud the following melody and the words ‘soooooomwheeeeere ooooover the raaaaainboooow?’ Particularly now that we’re celebrating that 75 years ago The…

29 August, 2014
cinco festivales que no te puedes perder este verano

5 European music festivals you can’t miss

After a whole year of speculations and confirmations, the festival season has just begun. Here you have a selection of 5 European music festivals one…

10 July, 2014

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