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10 July, 2014

Fanstastic, a unique App to get authographs from your idols

Have you ever waited impatiently for the arrival of your favourite sportsman, actor or singer so that you could take back home with you his or her autograph? We’re certain about it, and now you may not even remember where you’ve left it. After all, the beauty doesn’t lie so much in the piece of paper, but in the magic that embraces that moment: the waiting time, the people you are with, the nervousness… ‘They’re coming! No, not yet. Look now! There they are! Take out your camera!’ And so it is until destiny gives you five seconds to tell your idol how much you admire them.

In Fanstastic we want to make this adventure even more exciting. We’ve developed an iOS and Android app that will allow you to find out all the time where you’re favourite artists and sportspeople are signing autographs. They will create an event and decide how many autographs they want to send among the Fans there. If you truly are a Super-fan, you’ll have great chances to get a personalized, authenticated photo or video with their signature on it. But how can you know if you’ll be the lucky one? It’s really easy: as soon as you join the event, you’ll be able to check your chances to get an autograph, which may change depending on your achievements: where you come from, how long you’ve been waiting for, how far you’re standing from your idol… An algorithm will take all these aspects into account to determine which people will share their autograph from the ‘It’ celeb with all their friends through social networks. And to make everything even more exciting, there will always be an element of luck. Let the game begin!

Since we know that a fan is not made overnight, we also offer you a channel in 8 languages to show your idols how much you care about them. From the very beginning you will be part of a ranking that can also be checked by all celebrities. This way they will know first-hand who their biggest fans are and will be able to offer them all kinds of rewards.

Don’t wait any longer: download Fanstastic on your phone and start to get superstars’ autographs. Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter and keep on visiting this blog, a place where you’ll always be updated about everything related to celebrities and fans and where we’ll answer all your questions about the use of the app.

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