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  1.  I’m a Windows Phone user. Can I use Fanstastic? 
  2. - Not yet. The app is only available for Android and iOS, so now you have something to add to your Santa’s wish list.


  1. Fanstastic is taking too long to open or it doesn’t open at all. 
  2. -Just check that you’re connected to the internet. Fanstastic can’t be used underground (or at least not yet), so get out from your cave and move to a place with enough 3G/4G coverage or switch your Wi-Fi connection on.


  1. Can I watch again the tutorial that automatically came out the first time I used Fanstastic?
  2. -Sure! Just go to the settings menu and click on Learn to use Fanstastic. For a tiny donation, the whole Fanstastic team can also go to your place and sing it a capella. However, if it’s too embarrassing for you, you can also have a look at our wonderful user guide with a bunch of pictures and colours on it.


  1. Can I register as a different person?
  2. - No, but you can have 2 profiles: one as a Fan and another one as a Celebrity. To change your account, just go to the settings menu. If you’re also managing a Celebrity page on Facebook, Fanstastic will detect this automatically and will ask you which account you want to use when logging in.


  1. Do I have to add all my personal data?
  2. - The only mandatory fields are those related to your name, last name, alias and e-mail. Don’t be shy, though, and tell us something about you! We don’t want to sell your data to the CIA, but to offer you a Fanstastic user experience.


  1. Can I have both a Celebrity and a Fan account or do I need to have a minimum number of fans instead?
  2. -You don’t need to have a minimum number of friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter. Were you an extra on your primary school theatre play? Is your granny always telling you that one day you’ll be a star? Then you can activate your Celebrity profile from the very moment the app is successfully installed.
  1. What’s my alias? Can I change it?
  2. -That’s the name your autograph will be addressed to. Use your nickname, your real name, your name on social networks… Whatever you want. To change it, just go to your profile and click on the picture. You’ll have access once more to the form that you filled in with your personal data the first time you used Fanstastic. You’re the only owner of your autograph, so feel free to choose how you’d like to be named (no filthy things, you rascal!)


  1. Why do I have this profile picture? Can I change it?
  2. -That’s your profile pic on the social network you’ve registered with. You’re not that proud about that picture partying hard with your friends, are you? To change it, you’ll have to change the profile picture on Facebook or Twitter as well. It’s your opportunity to show off about your best selfie! Maybe Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie come across with it, who knows…


  1. Which Celebrities can I follow ?
  2. -Everyone with a Page on Facebook or Twitter can be found in our database. Besides this, you can find anyone who’s registered their Celebrity profile in Fanstastic, including you or your friends. All beginnings are tough, even for superstars….


  1. I want to follow someone I can’t find. What can I do?
  2. - First check that you’re browsing in the right category and then check your spelling as well. If someone’s cast an evil eye on you and you still can’t find your Celebrity anyway, contact us through Facebook (Fanstastic App), Twitter (@Fanstasticapp), E-Mail (hello@fanstasticapp) or via the contact form that you can find on the settings menu. Don’t worry, we won’t bite you (only if there’s a full moon).


  1. Where can I see the Celebrities I’m following?
  2. -When using your fan account, you’ll find the list of celebrities by clicking on the central button, on the menu at the bottom. When using your celebrity account, you’ll find the list by clicking on the cross-shaped button, right in the middle of the menu at the bottom. Then press on the first icon on the right. A bit hard, we know, but if Arya Stark is able to remember her particular list of Celebrities every night, we’re sure you’ll also do.
  1.  Will you post anything on my Facebook or Twitter profile?
  2. - No, we won’t post anything on your behalf. If you find an unexpected post, tell us immediately and it will disappear without a trace… just like the person who posted it without your consent.


  1.  Can I delete my account forever? 
  2. -Well… How can we say this… yes, you can, but you can’t imagine how many kitties will die because of that. If you don’t care and still want to cause a ‘kitticide’, you can delete your account on the settings menu. Don’t forget to save your autographs beforehand, you heartless person…
  1.  Why do I need to join an event?
  2. - If you don’t confirm your attendance to an event, the application won’t take you into account when creating the algorithm that determines who gets an autograph. You’ll receive a notification when someone you follow creates an event and you’ll have access to all the information about it in My Events. C’mon, if you don’t get an autograph, it’s because you don’t really want to!


  1.  Do I have to follow a Celebrity to receive a notification about their events?
  2. - Normally you will only receive notifications of events created by the celebrities you’re following. However, for the absent-minded, we’ll also let you know about a superstar attending an important event in your city.


  1.  How do I find out that an event has been cancelled?
  2. - Every time a celebrity cancels their event, you’ll see a red circle besides their picture on My Events. Don’t get mad at us. The world of fame is just like that.


  1.  Why do I have a 15% of probabilities to get an autograph?
  2. - 15% is the percentage that depends on each user’s luck and not on their personal achievements on social networks or during the event. You already know how this works: some people were born lucky and some need to make peace with Karma.


  1. What happens if I join an event but I don’t attend it?
  2. -If you want to opt for an autograph, you’ll need to complete the three AAA: Accept the event of a celebrity you’re following; Attend the event; Accumulate achievements. It’s so important that Standard & Poor’s copied the concept.
  1.  What happens if I don’t join an event but I attend anyway?
  2. - Ok, one more time: Triple A: Accept an event, attend the event, and accumulate achievements. We don’t need to remind you to follow the Celebrity first, do we?


  1.  Can I join an event that was posted before I’d followed that celebrity?
  2. - Yes, you’ll find their event on your list when you start following them.


  1.  I don’t receive any notifications.
  2. - If only all problems were so easy to solve! You can activate your notifications on the settings menu. That’s all! Bear in mind that you don’t need to have the notifications turned on to receive events because they always appear automatically on the list. Sometimes it’s also good to switch off a little bit, even from Fanstastic ;)


  1.  How can I know how many people are going to attend the event?
  2. - That information is classified and buried somewhere in the Area 51, in the middle of Nevada desert.
  1. Which type of notifications will I receive? 
  2. - It’s usually said that good things come by three’. That’s why you’ll receive a notification every time a Celebrity you follow publishes a new event, when an event begins, and when you’ve received an autograph.


  1.  Can I turn notifications off? 
  2. - Sure, just go to the settings menu. Bear in mind that you don’t need to have the notifications turned on to receive events because they always appear automatically on the list. Sometimes it’s also good to switch of a little bit, even from Fanstastic ;)


  1.  I’ve received a notification of a celebrity signing autographs in my city, but nothing happens when I click on it.
  2. Right now these notifications only have informative purposes. We’ve thought about including a teleportation system in our new version so you can travel straight to your Celebrity within a second when you receive it, and the Ministry of Magic is about to authorizing us to use floo powder.
  1.  How can I get an autograph?
  2. - If you want to opt for an autograph, you’ll need to complete the three AAA: Accept the event of a celebrity you’re following; Attend the event; Accumulate achievements. We don’t need to remind you that you have to follow the Celebrity first, do we? From the moment in which you accept the event, you’ll be able to check out the possibilities you have to get your autograph, which may change depending on your presence on social media. However, the most important merits are the one you make on the day of the event: in this first version, we’ll take into account how many kilometers you’ve travelled to attend the event, how long you’ve been waiting for your Celebrity and how far you are from him or her. We don’t care at all if you want to throw your underwear to your Celebrity, but mind the police if there’re children around!
  1.  How do I know the chances I have to get the autograph?
  2. - Go to My Events and select the event you want to check out. Together with your chances at that particular moment, you’ll also find a countdown until the event takes places. Don’t take anything for granted!! Everything could change at the very last minute, so play hard! The prize is worth it :)


  1. Will I lose all my autographs if my phone gets stolen? 
  2. -All your autographs are stored at all times, so you’ll see them again when you get a new phone. In Fanstastic we always want to give you reasons to be happy, not sad.


  1.  What type of autographs can I receive? 
  2. - Each Celebrity can chose to send their autograph on a white background (napkin), on a photo or on a video. Perfect to show off!
  1.  How can I be sure about the uniqueness and authenticity of my autograph?
  2. - Because we assure you that it is, and we are really nice people… In case it’s not enough, an authentication code can be read in al autographs, together with the date and place where the event took place.
  1.  What’s an on-fly autograph?
  2. - It’s an autograph spontaneously sent out to celebrities without having created an event beforehand. All fans located within 1 km will receive it, so it’s perfect for those days on which you run into a Celebrity ‘by chance’! (try to pretend that you haven’t been chasing them for a while).


  1.  How can I know that I’ve received an on-fly autograph?
  2. - You’ll receive a notification about a Celebrity signing autographs in your city. A couple of minutes afterwards, you’ll find out if you were lucky enough. As easy as a piece of cake!


  1. Is it possible for me to know where exactly a Celebrity is?
  2. - No, you’ll only receive a notification letting you know that the Celebrity is in your city. If we gave you any more information, we’d have to kill you and clean everything after that. That’s not cool.


  1.  I don’t receive any on-fly autographs. What’s going on?
  2. - In order to receive on-fly autographs, your notifications NEED TO be turned on.
  1.  What do I need to do to become a Super-Fan?
  2. - Attend all events you can and make as much noise as possible on social networks. It’s worth it. Only the four best Fans will become Super-Fans and will benefit from all sort of special prizes…


  1.  What can Celebrities find out about me?
  2. - They’ll see your pic and your name… not bad at all! Such information is worth a fortune!
  1. I am a Fan of several Celebrities. Why can I only see my position in the Ranking of one of them?
  2. The Ranking shows you your highest position in all rankings. What are you waiting for to be the number one? C’mon!!
  1.  What’s the difference between the newsfeed and each Celebrity’s timeline?
  2. - By clicking on the timeline button, you’ll have access to all sort of news from the Celebrities you’re following. On the contrary, on each celebrity’s timeline you’ll find all their posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All information within reach and without needing to log out from Fanstastic. Time’s money!
  1.  What’s a predefined autograph?
  2. - It’s an autograph that you can use by default so you don’t have to design a new one each time you’re going to sign at an event. Choose your best pic, practise your signature, think of a meaningful message and… sign with just one click!


  1.  How can I design a predefined autograph?
  2. - Go to the settings menu and click on Predefined Autograph. Choose a picture, a typography and a colour for your message. When finished, press on Change signature and drag your finger on the screen to sign. If you’d like to change the default dedication and write one of your own, just press on it and set your imagination free.


  1.  How can I do to personalize each autograph with the name of my Fans?
  2. - Just include the text <<Name>> (in brakets) and that tag will be substituted by your Fans’ alias when they receive their autograph. You no more need to worry about misspelling a name!


  1.  Can I change my predefined autograph?
  2. - Sure! You can change your picture as well as the dedication, typography, and signature whenever you want. To do so, go to the settings menu.


  1.  Can I send a video as a predefined autograph?
  2. - Unfortunately not. In this version you can only pick up a picture from your gallery, but we’ll do our best to add this feature to a next version.


  1.  When will the predefined autograph be sent?
  2. - Whenever you choose so and every time you send an on-fly autograph so that you don’t miss a second when you come across with a group of fans.
  1.  Why do I need to create an event?
  2. - Events are essential. Without them, your Fans won’t know where you are going to sign and thus won’t be able to receive your autographs. The application creates an algorithm to decide which persons get the autograph, taking into account only those who have confirmed their attendance. Every time you create an event, users following will receive a notification and will be able to read all the details about the event from their profile.


  1.  My fans haven’t received any notification. Can’t they see the event?
  2. - Don’t panic! To receive notifications, these need to be turned on in the settings menu. Otherwise, your fans will have to open the Events menu to find out any news. This means that all your Fans will receive the event details and can confirm their attendance, no matter whether they receive a push notification or not.


  1.  Which fields to I necessarily have to fill in to create an event?
  2. - It’s essential that you complete all the fields, i.e.: you should include a name for the event, a time and a date, a place or an address, a city, a country and a short description. Otherwise, the app won’t let you create the event. Bear in mind that your Fans need to have accurate information about where and when they may get their autograph.


  1.  What happens if I have to cancel the event?
  2. - Nothing at all. All your Fans will be notified, so no one will turn up at the place of the event (or at least that’s what we expect!)


  1.  Can I modify my event?
  2. - Unfortunately not with this version of the app. You’ll have to delete the event and create a new one. Of course, this is for your own good: we want you to train your fingers  ☺


  1.  What happens if I don’t know the exact place of the event?
  2. - The more accurate the information is, the better for your Fans. You don’t need to include a full address. You can just write the name of a shopping mall, a square, a theatre… anything that help your Fans identify the place where they have to go.


  1.  Who will receive my events?
  2. - All your Fans following you in Fanstastic. Therefore, if you want to have a stadium with plenty of people screaming out loud, you’ll also have to announce it with fanfare so more people start following you.


  1.  How can I know how many people are attending the event?
  2. - That information is classified and buried somewhere in the Area 51, in Nevada dessert.
  1.  How can I send an autograph?
  2. - First select the event in which you want to sign autographs. To do so, press on the icon (on the menu at the button) to display the autographs menu. Then, click on the pen icon (the second on the left). Once you’ve selected the event, choose the type of signature you want to send to your fans: your predefined autograph, a white background (napkin) a pic or a video. If you decide to send a video, your signature and dedication will remain on the screen until it finishes. There’s just one thing left: choose the colour of your signature and the dedication, and decide how many Fans are going to receive your autograph. Check out the user guide to see a graphic of the whole process.


  1.  Why didn’t I have to draw my signature this time?
  2. - Because you’ve already set it up in your predefined signature so that you don’t need to repeat it every single time. In Fanstastic we always care about you :)


  1.  Can I choose more than one event at a time?
  2. - No, you can only select one. Although you’re a Superstar, we haven’t discovered how to send you to two places at one time yet. It’d be awesome, we know.


  1.  What is a napkin?
  2. - It’s how we’ve named a signature on a white background instead of a pic or a video. Just as if it was a piece of paper.


  1.  Can I change the colour of the napkin?
  2. - No, but you can change the colour of your signature if you want to.


  1.  Is there a maximum length for videos?
  2. - No, there isn’t, but the longer the video is, the lower quality it has. But don’t worry, in any case your message will be “I’d like to thank all o.. /end of message/”.


  1.  Why is the quality of the video I’ve sent so bad?
  2. - Maybe your video is too long. Remember that your video should be short enough for all your Fans to receive it.


  1.  Can I choose which person receives my autograph?
  2. - Yes… and no. Let’s say to a certain extent. You can opt to send your autograph to everyone who’s accepted your event and attended it. You can also send it to a certain number of fans or to a percentage of them, so you have the control over your personal brand at all times. In this case, you won’t decide who’s getting it because It depends on your fans’ achievements and on how lucky they are on that day.


  1.  How can my Fans achieve my autograph?
  2. - The application creates an algorithm to decide which persons get the autograph, considering only those who have confirmed their attendance. In this first version, we’ll take into account how many km your fans have travelled to attend the event, how long they’ve been waiting for your, how far they stand from you, how much noise they’ve made on social networks and if they’ve already attended to any other of your events. Apart from this, there’s also a 15% of chance. Just like a game!


  1.  I’ve sent out an autograph but no-one has received it. What happened?
  2. - To receive an event, your Fans need to fulfil three requirements: to follow you, to accept your event and to stand closer than 1 km from your mobile phone at the day of the event. Fanstastic uses geolocalization. That means that the app detects where your Fans are when they attend your event. In order to avoid wasting too much battery, your position is only detected every 30 minutes, so your Fans will most likely receive your autographs after a short while. If after 30 minutes they still haven’t received anything, they may have their notifications turned off. They can check out if they’ve received an autograph by opening their album.


  1.  How far can my Fans be to get my autograph?
  2. - They can’t stay further than a km away from you. That’s a pretty long queue of fans… ;)


  1.  Which information is included in my autograph?
  2. - An authentication code is embedded in every autograph. This way, we can guarantee your Fans that your autograph was generated from your phone through Fanstastic. In addition to this, it includes the name, date, time and place of the event where it was signed out.


  1.  What’s an on-fly autograph?
  2. - It’s an autograph that you send automatically, without having created an event beforehand. A perfect solution for signing autographs to a group of fans you’ve come across with at the street, for remembering a special moment or for giving a present to all your fans standing closer than a km away from you. They’ll all receive it and it will surely be an unforgettable keepsake.


  1.  Which type of signature is sent out?
  2. - Fanstastic uses your predefined signature to make everything as fast an spontaneous as possible. Remember that you can change it whenever you want on the settings menu.


  1.  My Fans haven’t received any on-fly autographs from me. Why is that?
  2. - Unlike the autographs you sign through a event, your Fans need to have their notifications turned on to receive your on-fly photo. That’s the expensive price one has to pay for disconnecting from the world of Celebrities for a while…
  1.  What sources are used in the timeline?
  2. - We’ve chosen a good amount of reliable, serious online sources from different countries. We won’t be digging into private issues. Besides this, we’ve set up a filter so that no publications can damage your personal image. But that’s not all: as a Celebrity, you have your own timeline and Fans can access to your last posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


  1. I’ve seen some news about me that I wouldn’t like to have published. Can I erase them?
  2. - You can’t do it yourself, but you can contact us at any time to delete it by sending us an e-mail to or through the app. We’ll be glad to help! ☺


Click here to download the user guide.

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