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15 September, 2014

The 5 most expensive video clips ever

Time has gone by since MTV first broadcasted a video clip on the 1st of August, 1981. To be honest, music videos have greatly improved since that ‘futuristic’ “Video Killed the Radio Star” The song was, indeed, a real premonition.

Nowadays, video clips have become authentic pieces of artwork: they attract the most renowed film directors, receive acknowledgements and awards, and count on a budget of millions of dollars for a 5-minute film.
Indeed, Forbes Magazine has published a ranking of the 5 most expensive video clips in history and the sum of money that they would have cost if recorded today. The funniest thing is that, despite the variety of artists, only two take up the list: the two Kings of Pop.

5. Michael Jackson – Black or White
Year: 1991
Budget: $4 millions (today: $6.9 millions)

4. Madonna – Bedtime Story
Year: 1994
Budget: $5 millions (today: $7.7 millions)

3. Madonna – Die another day
Year: 2002
Budget: $6.1 millions (today: $7.9 millions)

2. Madonna – Express yourself
Year: 1989
Budget: $5 millions (today: $9.4 millones)

1. Michael Jackson y Janet Jackson – Scream
Year: 1995
Budget: $7 millions (today: $10.7 millions)

What’s your favourite videoclip ever? :)


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