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29 August, 2014

The 75th anniversary of an Oscar-winning song

Who’s never sung out loud the following melody and the words ‘soooooomwheeeeere ooooover the raaaaainboooow?’ Particularly now that we’re celebrating that 75 years ago The Wizard of Oz, the musical film that launched Judy Garland straight to stardom with her sweet voice and her yellow brick road. Since then, both the Oscar-winning original song and some of its many covers have become recurrent songs in radio stations and OSTs.
Here you have or Top 5 of covers of Over the Rainbow. Would you like to suggest any other? :)

5. Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
The most famous one and the one covered most. Kamakawiwo’ole, a great representative of Hawaiian culture, is maybe the one “to blame” for the current popularity of ukuleles.

4. Pink
The rock star showed her powerful voice during the Oscar ceremony this year. A performance well worth the glamourous gala.

3. Mägo de Oz
Naturally, this Spanish rock band used to finish their shows singing the song of the film they’re named after. Romantic hearts lay underneath those long hairdos.

2. The Piano Guys
Are you feeling stressed-out? Did you have a bad day? If this is the case, then stop doing what you’re doing and watch these two classic artists. The combination of a cello, a piano and those hills will make you feel totally recovered!

1. Connie Talbot
This six-year-old girl left the judges of Britain’s Got Talent absolutely speechless… specially Simon Cowell! And with good reason… She undoubtedly deserves to be on top of our ranking. Isn’t she lovely?

And since some of you may think that there’s nothing like the original one, we close this top list with the scene from The Wizard of Oz. We wish you a day with a lot of music and cinema!

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