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What did celebrities do before reaching fame? Is there life before stardom?

It’s not ridiculous to think that celebrities’ lives have not always been surrounded by fame and fans. However, the wide variety of done by some…

10 July, 2014
Que es Fanstastic

Fanstastic, a unique App to get authographs from your idols

Have you ever waited impatiently for the arrival of your favourite sportsman, actor or singer so that you could take back home with you his…

10 July, 2014
Quien tiene un amigo...

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen: A friend is a treasure

Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise, Laurel and Hardy… when it comes to friendship, three may be a crowd. And Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen…

10 July, 2014

How to get an autograph from a sportsperson and not die trying

It may seem like a taugh thing to do sometimes, even a challenge.  But check out this 6 tricks to get an autograph from a sports…

9 July, 2014
Iniesta y Casillas piden autógrafos

Chasing autographs

Now that the most important football players in the world are gathered in Brazil, tons of supporters will certainly be on the lookout for the…

1 July, 2014

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