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28 August, 2014

Celebrities standing for the environment

If there’s something we really like in Fanstastic, it’s to put a smile on your face with good news, something which we’re lacking of lately. That’s why we want to give coverage to celebrities’ most human side by talking about these two solidary initiatives, well worth a share:

$25 million is the amount of money that Leonardo DiCaprio managed to raise last July during a charity gala that he hosted in Saint-Tropez (France). With such an amazing sum, the actor aims to do his “bit” against the extinction of some animal and plant species. According to his speech at the beginning of the event, “not since the age of the dinosaurs have so many species of plants and animals become extinct in such a short period of time.”

leonardo-di-caprio-dona-1-millon-de-dolares-para-proteger-a-los-elefantes 02

Many influent people and celebrities from the world of music and entertainment, such as Marion Cotillard or Jared Leto, attended the event, and Bono, Julian Lennon and Robin Thicke were in charge of the musical touch.

We’d also like to spread the voice about a Greenpeace campaign in Spain to which 13 ambassadors have already joined. Alejandro Sanz, Malú, Ariel Rot (singer), Luis Figo (Portuguese football player) or Nieves Álvarez (top model) are only some of the celebrities that have offered their images and, most importantly, their autograph! Each of them has signed a t-shirt that will be raffled among everyone supporting their demands through the ONG website. We believe this is a wonderful campaign that can raise awareness on the importance of taking care of a natural space that is crucial for the whole ecosystem.


In Fanstastic we want to thank all of them and to encourage all of you to participate in similar initiatives!

Have a nice day :)

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